What are Limitations of Selenium
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What are Limitations of Selenium?

At present, Selenium is one of the most popular test automation frameworks for web applications. As an open source test automation framework, Selenium enables testers to evaluate a variety of web applications without increasing project overheads. At the same time, Selenium makes it easier for testing professionals for web application testing by supporting major web …

What is Spike Testing
Load Testing / Spike Testing

What is Spike Testing?

As a form of non-functional testing, load testing is performed to measure the behaviour of a software application under both normal and peak user load conditions. Normally, load testing is performed by using a variety of loads – number of users accessing the application simultaneously and number of concurrent transactions. However, the testers perform different …

Advantages and disadvantages of appium
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Appium

Nowadays, testing professionals explore ways to test a mobile app elaborately across varied devices and platforms. They even look for test automation frameworks that enable them to evaluate a variety of mobile apps quickly and efficiently. As a robust test automation framework, Appium comes with features to simplify and accelerate testing of native, hybrid, and …