Test Automation Strategy
Automated Testing / Test Automation Strategy

How to Develop a Test Automation Strategy?

Many enterprises nowadays adopt agile technologies to deliver high quality software applications in a faster and more efficient way. In addition to making software release cycles shorter, agile methodology also emphasizes on test automation. As a decision maker, you must consider automating various software testing efforts to enhance test coverage, reduce overall testing time, and …

Test Automation Best Practices
Automated Testing / Software Testing

Test Automation Best Practices

Most enterprises nowadays invest in test automation tools to accelerate software testing and obtain more accurate test results. But no enterprise can automate all its software testing activities. Also, it needs to choose the right software testing tools to meet the precise needs of individual projects and evaluate the software effectively. The test automation consultants …

What is White-Box Testing
Automated Testing / Software Testing / Web Application Testing

What is White-Box Testing?

Nowadays, QA professionals need to perform a variety of tests to evaluate the quality of a software application precisely. They perform certain tests without accessing the software’s source code and understanding the implementation, programming language, and operating systems. On the other hand, certain tests require testers to access …

Cross Platform Mobile Testing Using Appium
Automated Testing / Mobile App Testing

Cross Platform Mobile Testing Using Appium

The usage statistics on various websites depict that Appium is currently one of the most popular cross platform mobile testing tools. The testing professionals can use Appium to perform automated testing of native mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps and mobile web apps. Also, the testing professionals have option to write test scripts in any of …

What do we need to know about Selendroid
Automated Testing / Mobile App Testing

What do we need to know about Selendroid?

At present, Android has the largest worldwide smartphone operating system market share. Google also update its mobile operating system at regular intervals with several new features and enhancements. But the usage statistics posted on various websites depict that latest version of Android has a lower install base than older versions. Also, Android powers many models …

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