What are Limitations of Selenium
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What are Limitations of Selenium?

At present, Selenium is one of the most popular test automation frameworks for web applications. As an open source test automation framework, Selenium enables testers to evaluate a variety of web applications without increasing project overheads. At the same time, Selenium makes it easier for testing professionals for web application testing by supporting major web …

What Is Mocha JS
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What Is Mocha JS?

As a robust client-side programming language, JavaScript helps developers to create responsive web applications that look good on both large and small devices. Many programmers even use cross-platform server-side frameworks like NodeJS to write server-side code in JavaScript. The developers can accelerate JavaScript application development and web application testing by using a number of NodeJS …

Website Speed Test Tools
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Top 10 Website Speed Test Tools

Several studies suggest that most users nowadays abandon websites that take more than 2 seconds to load. Also, major search engines like Google also use site speed as a key ranking factor while ranking websites. Hence, it becomes essential for developers to explore ways to make a website load faster to enhance its search engine …