Selenium Web Application Testing
Web Application Testing

How effective is Selenium in Web Application Testing?

The massive popularity of mobile apps   makes it essential for you to focus on the user experience delivered by your websites and web applications. You must test the web application across browsers, platforms, and devices to evaluate its user experience precisely. There are a number of software testing tools that help you to test …

Test Automation Best Practices
Automated Testing / Software Testing

Test Automation Best Practices

Most enterprises nowadays invest in test automation tools to accelerate software testing and obtain more accurate test results. But no enterprise can automate all its software testing activities. Also, it needs to choose the right software testing tools to meet the precise needs of individual projects and evaluate the software effectively. The test automation consultants …

JMeter for Load Testing
JMeter / Performance Testing

Effectiveness of JMeter for Load Testing

Often a sudden increase in number of concurrent users affect the user experience delivered by a website or web application negatively. As a type of performance testing, load testing helps enterprises to assess the behaviour of web applications under both normal and peak user load conditions. The testers use load testing tools to ensure that …

Security Testing
Mobile App Testing / Security Testing / Software Testing

Security Testing – Why is It Important for Apps?

According to Kaspersky Lab, “The total number of malware samples targeting smart devices has reached more than 7,000, with over half of these emerging in 2017, according Kaspersky Lab’s researchers. With more than six billion smart devices being used across the globe, people are increasingly being put at risk from malware targeting their connected lives.” …

How popular is Appium among Mobile App Testing Tools
Mobile App Testing

How popular is Appium among Mobile App Testing Tools?

Most enterprises nowadays implement formal mobile app testing strategies to prevent user abandonment, enhance the app’s marketability, and implement app monetization techniques effectively. The testers have to evaluate the user experience delivered by a single mobile app across varying mobile devices and platforms. Also, they need to test the mobile under real user conditions to …

What is Test Driven Development
Software Testing / TDD

What is Test Driven Development (TDD)

Many enterprises nowadays adopt agile development to accelerate custom software delivery through iterative planning and feedback loop. As an agile methodology test driven development (TDD) helps businesses to build high quality software applications in less time. TDD requires developers to write automated test cases before writing functional code. The developer can write test cases based …

What Do Software Testers Need to know about BlazeMeter
Software Testing

What Do Software Testers need to know about BlazeMeter?

As a cross-platform and portable performance testing tool, Apache JMeter helps testers to assess performance of various applications, servers, and protocols by simulating varying user load. The testers even have option to extend the core functionality of JMeter by integrating it with compatible software testing tools and frameworks. BlazeMeter provides cloud-based performance testing solutions which …

Mobile App Beta Testing Tools
Mobile App Testing

Top 7 Mobile App Beta Testing Tools

Nowadays, many users abandon mobile apps after one use. While developing a mobile app, developers must focus on its user experience across various devices and platforms to keep users engaged and prevent mobile app abandonment. Also, the developers must evaluate the user experience delivered by the mobile app …

Mobile App Testing Do's and Dont's
Mobile App Testing

Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile App Testing

According to a number of surveys, a large percentage of users nowadays abandon mobile apps after one time use. Many enterprises nowadays implement formal software testing strategy to evaluate their mobile apps continuously and thoroughly. Likewise, many businesses recruit skilled testers and invest in robust mobile app testing tools to assess the quality …