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How effective is Selenium in Web Application Testing?

The massive popularity of mobile apps   makes it essential for you to focus on the user experience delivered by your websites and web applications. You must test the web application across browsers, platforms, and devices to evaluate its user experience precisely. There are a number of software testing tools that help you to test …

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A Future Full Of Opportunities For Software Testing

In this fast-changing world, technologies are becoming obsolete every day and newer ones are claiming their presence in the industry for obvious reasons. Businesses are training their employees with new skills and hiring pre-trained skilful developers and testers like never before. These lightning fast changes in the culture of the technology world has …

Top Web Application Testing Tools in 2018
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Top 10 Web Application Testing Tools in 2018

Nowadays the quality and user experience of a software application affects its popularity and profitability directly. Hence, it becomes essential for enterprises to identify and eliminate all defects and performance issues in the software before its deployment. An enterprise can further get the bugs or defects identified in an application before its deployment to save …